Agenda 21

Since 2008 the town of Plouzané has put in place a process aimed at creating an Agenda 21 to the scale of its territory.

Agenda 21 is a list of actions in which the commune, the elected council and the inhabitants are all engaged to take measures towards sustainable development.

Sustainable development.

Far from being an environmental fad, the concept of « sustainable development » was defined in 1987 in a report published by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), and to quote the chairman Ms Brundtland, who was also the Norwegian Prime Minister:

« Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs ».

Both the contexts of climate change and energy requirements impose us to take urgent action: reducing waste and the excessive production of garbage, limiting carbon dioxide emissions in buildings and transport, doing away with water pollution, preserving biodiversity, opposing the increasing expansion of inequality, precariousness and isolation, ...

Agenda 21 on a local level

During the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) of 1992 in Rio (Brazil), several basic principals and recommendations towards sustainable development were adopted, combined in a « Program of actions for the 21st century » (Agenda 21).

The essential role of local communities and territories is stated in article 28 of the declaration: « The participation and cooperation of communities at this level will be a key factor to achieve the program objectives »

Therefore it is the responsibility at each level of decision taking that results in the elaboration of a sustainable development strategy for the territory.

Local Agendas 21 are thus suitable tools to organise local actions in favour of sustainable development.

Establishing an Agenda 21 is a practical and global project, borne by the whole community and guided in consultation with all its members.

In Plouzané ...

In parallel to its approach in developing an Agenda 21, the town of Plouzané pursues all its projects in the direction of the public interest and maintaining its costs to the community, and at the same time considering all the social, environmental and economic impacts.

The objective is to define, together with all the local stake holders and population, a local project for the territory, in conjunction with the skills of our partners: the Brest Municipality, the department of Finistère and the region of Brittany.

After having done a diagnosis on the territory, presented to the population during the Citizens Forum in April 2011, the community has entered into a phase of precise actions, amongst which those retained were proposed by the participants of this Forum.

The draft of Agenda 21 will be finalised in 2012 so as to be adopted early 2013.

Further information::

To get more details and information, and participate via the internet in the construction of this Agenda 21, please visit the website (in French)